Designed for mobile devices first and foremost.

The information content responds to the size of your device.


Back-end databases store and process event information.

Generates reports on entrant registration, practice schedules and race results.


Can be reused as the ISRA World Championships website.

Uses database configuration parameters to create the event website.

Template: {yyyy}




Hosted at AWS a top tier cloud services provider

Amazon's Content Delivery Network (CDN) enables fast website performance in Europe which accounts for the largest user base. The web content is delivered to your browser client from the closest location in the Europe and the USA.

Our system architecture and software design will provide both website management for event administrators and another user interface focused on the entrants.

The primary goal is to compute all the data that can be computed, thereby reducing the manual work required to the absolute minimum. Our end goal is to provide an easily configurable, ultra efficient, reusable event management system for the ISRA World championships. The event management system will made available to hosting countries to configure and use it for all or part of their event as they see fit.

We are currently in development and are scheduled to be ready for the 2016 ISRA World Championship to be held in the USA.

Responsive design website

Automatically adjusts the screen size to that of the user's device enabling a more focused data display with much less scrolling.

Administrators configuring the event manager or entrants registering for the event will typically use a laptop or desktop. During the event smart phones and tablets will be more popular. Therefore content presentation can change based on the actual device type being used and in combination with the event progression. You can experience this effect directly on smart phones and tablets or resize your browser window to see responsive design in action.

Please update your browser to any of the following tested browsers versions or higher: Safari Version: 8, Internet Explorer Version: 11, Opera Version: 27.0, Chrome Version: 40 and Firefox Version: 35.


MariaDB the drop-in MySQL replacement

MariaDB is a higher performance version of the MySQL database. After Oracle bought Sun Micro Systems MySQL was no longer an open source driven project. MariaDB is used to keep transactional records and computing driver practice and heat loading, qualifying and race results listings.

Although we use MariaDB it is not well suited for more realtime data queries so a NoSQL database is used for that purpose.

MongoDB a NoSQL type of database

Works great for storing documents and other kinds of less structured data. MongoDB offers a big performance increase over relational SQL databases enabling realtime event updates for dashboard monitoring.